The Strategic PLAN


The association's mission is to increase safety, beauty and amenities by promoting a strong sense of community, civic participation and by attracting new residents to the neighborhood.

Strategy and Objectives

To achieve our mission and work towards our vision, we will strategically focus on projects that support our vision.  While specific projects will change over time, our objectives will generally remain the same.

Measurable Objectives:

NOTE: We need to define the actual measures for each of these, to the extent possible.
  1. Increasing code compliance - education; reporting violations to 311; assistance to elderly and disabled
    1. neighborhood code reports (number of violations; number abated)
    2. neighborhood satisfaction surveys
  2. Expanding and maintaining beautification projects - graffiti; illegal dumping; beautification projects like Fairway island
    1. number of projects completed
    2. neighborhood satisfaction surveys
  3. Decreasing crime - education; reporting violations to 911; coordination with Police dept
    1. crime statistics
    2. neighborhood satisfaction surveys
  4. Increasing social connections - Facebook; social events
    1. number of events and participants
  5. Increasing bilingual participation - newsletters; web; meetings; social events
    1. number of bilingual participants
    2. number of bilingual documents
  6. Partnering with businesses, government and other organizations - meeting to coordinate with organizations to achieve common objectives
    1. number of meetings with other orgs
    2. number of projects completed in coordination with other orgs
  7. Marketing our neighborhood to attract like-minded residents - define our target demographics; create content that appeals to that demographic; coordinate with area realtors
    1. measure homes sales and rentals
    2. number of completed marketing projects (e.g., content projects, defining markets, etc.)
  8. Discovering the rich history of Parkdale - researching and documenting; interviewing Dallas historians; developing content based on research for web and marketing and file cabinet
    1. numbers of documents created or references compiled
  9. Investing in improving the neighborhood's infrastructure - streets; wifi; parks
    1. number of infrastructure issues addressed or projects completed


To channel the efforts of our board members, specific committees have been structured to support our objectives:

  1. 311 / VIP
  2. Historian
  3. Web (marketing / social / information distribution)
  4. Social / Bilingual Outreach
  5. Safety / ENP
  6. Beautification / Yard of the Month
  7. Community Outreach (build neighborhood partnerships with organizations, churches, government and businesses) / DART Liason / City Liason
  8. Fundraising (works with social and community outreach committees)
  9. Volunteer Coordinator

Neighbor Security Committee
Plan and coordinate police presentations at PLAN functions.
Administer all functions necessary to keep and active ENP present in the neighborhood during the three summer months.  This includes preparing a plan and budget necessary for implementing the plan.
Administer all functions and activities of the VIP program.

Membership Committee
Prepare detailed plans for recruiting new members.
Prepare and maintain an accurate membership database.
See that all contributing members get a detailed and personalized accounting of PLAN expenditures.
Determine if paid memberships are something the neighborhood will support and something we want to pursue.

Events Committee
Plan and coordinate all PLAN events including, but not limited too, neighborhood meetings, social events, outings and trips.

Information Committee
Prepare a document specifying what information is to be found on PLAN’s web site.
Maintain PLAN’s web site.
Prepare all neighborhood marketing flyers and materials.
Insure PLAN colors and LOGOS are used, when every possible, on all PLAN printed materials and PLAN garments.
Insure safe keeping of all PLAN forms and other printed materials.

Finance Committee
Plan and coordinate all fund raising activities.
Prepare an annual budget (dates TBD).
Maintain a list of all PLAN assets and the location of those assets.

Board Positions
President - Lead and schedule meetings; sets direction and maintains accountability; be the face and voice of the community to outside entities
Vice President - Coordinates with President to fulfill duties and acts as liaison to various local government entities (City of Dallas departments, DART, DISD, etc.)
Secretary - Maintains record of meetings; manage organization's documents
Treasurer - Maintains financial records; reports to board on financial status
Committee Chair - In charge of fulfilling committee tasks