The following projects have been conceived to bring new and attractive amenities to Parkdale:

  1. Landscaping
    1. Fairway island
    2. Military bridge
    3. Lawnview and Scyene gateway
    4. Railroad bridge (Lawnview)
    5. Parkdale Park (sculptures, rock walls)
  2. Dog Park (either at Lawnview or Parkdale Park)
  3. Street Art (military and/or train bridges) -- bring an art culture to Parkdale that is attractive to DINKs
  4. Get a good sit-down restaurant along Lawnview
  5. Classic Street Lamps (in parks and along Lawnview)
  6. New side walk along Lawnview (in combination with the street lamps)
  7. Hiking Trails (partner with other orgs)
    1. Create web guides, get on online hiking resources (Google Maps, other resources for Geocaching)
    2. Viewing stations for picture taking
    3. Trinity Forest gateways
    4. White Rock Creek Trail
  8. Boat / Kayak Landings (Lawnview Park, White Rock Creek)
  9. Fishing Pier (is there a good place for this?)
Funding though memberships, special projects fundraising, and creation of Property Improvement District.