Bond Proposals

 Bond money should go for essentials.  In this era of reduced local government budgets, perhaps everyone can focus on essential capitol improvements for the neighborhood.  Beautification projects are luxuries in light of the recent threats to library and park hours.

Below are some improvement categories and specific enhancement ideas:
  • increase safety; protect children or the elderly
    • installation of security cameras
    • additional street lights in darker areas
    • median, widening of Lawnview (increase safety to pedestrians)
  • create more recreational opportunities
  • more attractions or improvements that increase utilization of existing attractions
    • Bisbee park improvements
  • enhance neighborhood mobility
    • Dart enhancements (since they have run out of )
    • sidewalks
  • functional improvements
    • resurfacing or expansion of select alleyways so the garbage trucks can function as designed
    • street repair / resurfacing
    • turn lanes along Military Pkwy

Below is a wish list of other projects that would NOT be funded by a bond package since they are not priority capital improvements:
  • curbs?
    • 5700 Fairway 
  • public gardens
  • public landscaping
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