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Funding Requests

1)     These are proposals for funds

2)    Bond fund moneys to study placing a landscaped median designed to reduce the width of the north and south bound lanes.   The current width of Lawnview is such that it is too  narrow to be a true four lane street, but wide enough that many drivers  feel that it is OK to pass.  This situation needs to be addressed and fixed.  The neighborhood along this stretch of Lawnview is very much be in favor of a landscaped median, with improved lighting.   A large number of DART buses going to the Lawnview station now travel down this stretch of Lawnview.


3)    Bond money and economic stimulus money to replace and repair 20% of the distressed sidewalks in the Parkdale  neighborhood.  The would include all residences bounded by the west side of Bisbee, south side of Military Parkway , north of Scyene Road and White Rock Creek on the west.


4)    This is next