Event Planning

Planning events break down into the following categories:
  • logistics -- day-of tasks and pre-planning to secure venue, other resources, food, etc.
  • promotion -- email; word-of-mouth; call-trees; printed ads, etc.
  • fundraising -- ways to both pay for the event and raise money for the organization

Logistics Tasks

  1. Need greeting party to get our guest’s contact information updated and pass out name tags
  2. Set up crew; acquires and positions serving pieces, paper plates, trash cans, cutlery, etc.
  3. Take down/clean up crew, assists host with cleaning up, and returning loaned/borrowed items.
  4. Work up a list of things that can be “borrowed”, from members, for any event.    (Who & What)  Everett, large cooler, 8 folding chairs, 2 folding table, etc..
  5. Prepare an event planning document (with time-lines), using Project or Visio or something similar.   This will keep 1st timers from having to invent the wheel, and pros from missing something.

Promotion Tasks

  1. Get a commitment from those that attend an event to personally contact one or more people they would like to have seen at the event.
  2. Tee shirts?  Event committee should have been there in “Event Tees”.  BOD members could have been in PLAN gear to.
  3. We should check pricing at places like vistaprint.com, overnightprints.com, and clubflyers.com.  For the 2011 Spring Fiesta, the pricing for printing from clubflyers.com was $77.67 which included double-sided, full-color printing completed in 24 hours.  Shipping was $17.51 for ground shipping.  Total was $87.41 using a 10% savings promo code.  Adding the second side cost an additional $5 or so.  The biggest factor was the 24 hour turnaround on the printing side (not shipping) -- we'd save about $30 if we have them done a few days in advance.  Next time, we can have these done for around $43 + $17 shipping ($60 total) if we plan a little further out.

Fundraising Tasks

  1. Fundraising committee should have some gig to seek donations
  2. Door prizes?  Drawings are fun; makes people want to be there