Fundraising Ideas

  • Decals via membership levels or "purchase"
  • Refer-a-Friend campaign: "Both you and a friend get our brand new t-shirt!"
  • Event-based fundraisers:
    • Guess Who's Coming To Dinner / progressive dinner (with dessert and drinks at same location for all at the end)
    • Garden / home tours
    • Silent auctions at key events (like wine tasting events)
    • Tamale competition
    • East vs West
    • Music Event (Lawnview Park, sponsored by DART, fall or spring event)
  • Project-based fundraisers:
    • beautification projects
      • street lamp campaign (similar to sign-topper campaign)
      • landscaping projects
      • beautification grants (to assist homes on the main thoroughfares)
      • graffiti abatement fund
    • ENP-type
    • Security cams
    • WiFi in the parks