How to Add a Board Member

When a new board member is added to the group.  The following steps are involved:
  1. Add personalized account for the new member (e.g., so they can log in and access board's digital resources.
  2. Set up alias to forward mail to their personal email address (e.g., =>  
  3. Set up default filter to mark all mail that matches "is:spam" as read.
  4. Train member and demonstrate how to send mail from their new email alias.
  5. Update any title-based emails (such as =>  DO NOT set up a simple alias for permanent board position titles as this will not maintain inbox emails for record; instead set up a forward from the permanent title to the current board member's account; this will in turn forward mail to the person's personal account.
  6. Encourage member to set up a folder for PLAN and possibly use a filter to route their mail to that folder by default.
  7. Ensure member is added to the google group discussion lists.  Subscribe the members' address to receive all emails sent to the list; however, subscribe the personal email to be a "web-only" subscriber to prevent duplicate emails from being sent.  Here the most recently used welcome message:
    This group discussion holds a record of our conversations for current and future board members.  Personal conversations that you don't want made public should not occur on this list (use your personal emails or the telephone).

    You can send email to this group from your personal account or your account.  However, email will only be sent to your so that you don't get duplicate emails.

Email Aliases, Forward, etc.

All board members require having a user being set up so they can access the Google App resources.  However, no one wants yet another email account to manage.  Therefore, all board members will likely want to configure an "email forward" from their board account to their personal account.  This is configured within the GMail inbox using the Google Apps user account.  When setting up the "forward", a verification code will be sent to the target account.

Once the code has been obtained from the target personal email account, the GMail inbox can be configured to simply forward all mail and mark the forwarded mail as "read" and placed in the "archive" folder or even deleted.

A default filter should be configured to mark all mail that matches "is:spam" as read.

Sending Email From Personal Email Accounts

Once a board member has their account activated, they can configure their email account to be able to send email from their address.  NOTE: In order to make this work, the Google account email forwarding must already be configured to email to the associated personal account.


To set up a Yahoo account to send email from a address while logged into Yahoo, follow their instructions listed in this help article:


Sending email from an AOL account does not appear to be currently supported.  Messages from the Google discussion group do not appear to be delivered to the account.

Accessing the Google Web Mail Interface

GMail is hosting our email.  While most users have their email forwarded to their personal accounts, it is occasionally necessary to access the real parkdale email inbox.  That link to acces the parkdale account is:

Board Position Title Emails

Using titles in the email addresses (e.g., like president@...) is a nice way to offer a smooth transition when board leadership changes occur.  However, it is wise that all emails sent or received in an official capacity be made available to future leaders.  Therefore, title-based emails are actually full-blown email inboxes whereby all email is archived in association with the title.  For example, is an inbox, not an email alias.  The inbox is then configured to forward copies to the current leader's user account.  In this manner, we adhere to the DRY principle and only maintain the individualized email account in one location, which is easily configured by the individual assigned to the Google account.  The president may then add the outgoing email alias as a profile within their personal email client.