Parkdale Branding

Parkdale Sign Topper

See attachment for full size graphic:

The font used in the sign topper is Americana Extra Bold Condensed (see attachment) with a stroke applied to give it an outline.

Original Colors

The colors used in the sign topper:
  • 336 C  (C:95 M:11 Y:70 K:48; RBG #077628)- Tim and Jonathan believe this is the best Pantone match when comparing against our existing sign topper
  • Sandy Svedersky's sister says that her records indicate that the sign topper green is C:100, M:25, Y:100, K:45 (RGB: #006900).  This does NOT match any Pantone colors, but it does seem like a plausible color match.
  • Older 2002 jpg of sign topper has the green color set to RBG: #1F541E


The Parkdale neighborhood was developed in 1926 (with most additions being developed in the early 50's) and includes almost 1,000 homes. It is considered a historic neighborhood in Dallas with a 50's retro look. The area comprises mature oak, cypress, and pecan trees with a creek and streams along the periphery. It is a gateway to the Great Trinity Forest, the largest urban forest in the country with nature trails nearby. It is also a gateway on a light rail line that serves the central business district and several hospitals. The association's mission is to make the Parkdale neighborhood the best place to live safely and securely, in a beautiful and interesting setting, with friendly neighborhood residents and a strong sense of community.
  • Dale - an open river valley (in a hilly area)
  • Parkdale Park has a mild creek and an open valley-shape (but this is something of a stretch)
  • Lots of trees - Pecan, oak, cypress trees in Lawnview Park, crape myrtle (residential), red bud
  • Used to be known as Parkdale Golf Course and Country Club
  • Parkdale Lawnview Association of Neighbors (PLAN) is a neighborhood association respresenting the Parkdale neighborhood in the southeast quadrant of Dallas, Texas.

Art Direction

We have conducted a logo survey and discussed the goals for the logo.  Here is the resulting art direction decided by the committee:
  1. Font - We want to start by using the same font as used in our sign topper (americana-extra-bold-condensed-bt).  If necessary, we will accept a different font if the americana font does not work best.  This goal is for the sake of brand recognition, but we are willing to adapt if a better option is presented.
  2. Formats - We need to keep in mind that multiple formats of the logo will be necessary, such a horizontal version that will work better on a letterhead or our email template header.  It should work well in a single color format as well as make full use shading or color allowed in web formats.  It should have a version that works when scaled down or one that will work as a stitched logo on a ball cap or t-shirt.
  3. Symbolism - We want to reflect our mission (which is "to increase safety, security, and beauty by promoting a strong sense of community") and possibly include some sort of symbolism within the tree.   However, we don't want an overly busy logo, so any symbolism would have to be very subtle.  Minimally, we want to reflect "safety, security and community".

Tree Discussion

The image of the tree is an important element with many considerations to analyze.
  • character in the trunk and roots of the trunk can symbolize "being grounded" (i.e., safe, secure, interesting)
  • detail and imperfections within tree provides the character we are looking for (by not being overly abstracted or two-dimensional)
  • character expressed within the leaves is harder to stitch on a cap or shirt; character expressed within the trunk lines will be easier to stitch or display in  low resolution situations;  we still want to see detail expressed in the canopy, but we also want to ensure some of that character remains when scaled down to low-res versions; some abstraction is likely needed to make this logo versatile for these differing applications

Design Concepts

  • style 
    • 50's retro feel, reinvented with a younger modern hip vibe
    • nostalgic americana (e.g., Pleasantville)
  • key elements - nature will be key to any design we choose:
    • live oak tree (similar to sign topper)
    • leaves of various types and / or combinations of leaves (see web 2.0 logos)
    • wetland grasses or reeds (see Lawnview Park pics)
    • cypress knobs/knees
    • great trinity river forest (entrance / gateway)
    • wildlife: white herons, coyotes, barred and great horned owls, fish
    • geography:  near Parkdale Lake, White Rock Creek, and Trinity River Forest
  • colors
    • Pantone 3425 C (C:94 M:13 Y:83 K:44; RGB #097C18) - Tim and Jonathan like this color, which is similar to the sign topper green
    • browns, greens, yellows
  • logo application
    • merchandise (cap, t-shirt, mug, decal)
    • website, email template
    • printed collateral (brochure, business cards, letterhead)
    • both full color and line drawing versions are needed
    • website icon file (favicon.ico)
  • nature logos to learn ideas from
  • Trinity River Corridor -- Photo Contest Winners

Graphic Design Tasks

The association is seeking a graphic designer to help create an updated brand and logo for application on products and merchandise, website and social network platforms, and stationary.  Here are things we need to address in terms of graphic design:
  1. P.L.A.N. vs Parkdale logo and branding
  2. design new shirts
  3. design caps
  4. design new web site
  5. design/update email template
  6. possibly help create beautification design proposals / mock-ups for fundraising purposes
  7. create "About Parkdale" brochures for realtors, landlords, and other neighborhood marketing opportunities
  8. create letterhead
  9. design newsletter template
  10. static or magnetic decals (think HRC and DMA)

Logo Refinement Proposal

  1. Create logo:
    1. full-color version (for both web and full-color print applications)
    2. black/white version (for single-color applications like t-shirts)
    3. favicon.ico version (micro version for website shortcut icon)
    4. Facebook version (200x200 pixels, and acceptable when scaled to 50x50)

  2. Create logo application PDF preview mockups for the scenarios. We are expecting creativity to be demostrated beyond simply applying the logo to these items.  A mockup for each scenario must be provided as part of the final deliverables.  Significant detail is not required for the brochure and 1-page website mockup.  However, we expect the other mockups, especially the t-shirt, to be well-thought-out and print-ready.
    1. caps
    2. t-shirts
    3. mug
    4. stationary letterhead
    5. brochures
    6. basic 1-page website mockup
    7. single-color static-cling window decal (4" x 4")

  3. Format of deliverables include the following:
    1. logos in both PDF and AI format
    2. mockups in PDF format
    3. any fonts used in logo or mockups

  4. Technology Proposal
    1. Create drupal theme, potentially based on website mockup design

Committee Tasks

Marketing Brochure

Based on content developed for the web site, we will create a brochure that can be used by sellers, landlords, realtors and at events to market the benefits of living in Parkdale.

Design Guidance::


Sometimes we go by PLAN or P.L.A.N., sometimes we go by Parkdale.  The trend currently is towards simply "Parkdale" since that's what's on our sign toppers.  (See style guide for more information.) Alger.ttf is the Algerian font used for the "P.L.A.N." logo.

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