Parkdale Style Guide

This style guide provides direction for how to consistently refer to the neighborhood and it's association to help strengthen its brand identity and avoid confusion.

When to Use "PLAN"

PLAN is the abbreviation of the legal name for the neighborhood association: Parkdale / Lawnview Association of Neighbors.  However, most residents simply know the association informally as the Parkdale neighborhood association.  That said, for those in the inner circle, "PLAN" is a short and appropriate identifier when referring to the association or even the board.

For those not in the inner circle, references to "PLAN" are confusing and require explanation.  The confusion stems from any of the following reasons:
  • dual meaning of "PLAN" as a standalone word (as in "to plan");
  • it's existing use by the City of Dallas' Plan Commission; and 
  • the unapparent connection with "Parkdale".
The street sign toppers reinforce "Parkdale" as the root name common within the neighborhood development's legal names.  Because "PLAN" does not echo the neighborhood's name, it's use should be limited to the fine print or as a shorthand reference for those in the inner circle.

Brand Identity

The logo is based on the sign topper and solidifies the brand identity as the "Parkdale Neighborhood".  This identity is essentially a "DBA" for PLAN.

Usage Examples

Almost any place in formal communication that previously would have used "PLAN" should be replaced with simply the "Parkdale Neighborhood" or similar variant.  See example usages below to see how to best apply this identity for the various scenarios.

PLAN met yesterday... The Parkdale neighborhood met yesterday ...   
The Parkdale board met yesterday ...     
The PLAN board voted ...The Parkdale board voted ...
PLAN has focused on ...The Parkdale board  has focused on ...



Generally, the website should conform to the same branding approach used elsewhere.  However, a dedicated page on the website should spell out the meaning of PLAN as well as the association's full legal name.


Generally, newsletters should conform to the same branding approach used elsewhere.  However, a dedicated line somewhere within the newsletter should spell out the association's full legal name.



Signage should simply use the logo and refer to the association simply by reference to "Parkdale Neighborhood".  

Usage of Parkdale Logo