Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs Increase Crime
Neighbors that take their morning and afternoon walks are on patrol.  These neighbors become eyes and ears that protect your home.  With the increase in stray dogs over this last summer, taking a stroll has become increasingly difficult without encountering stray and threatening dogs.

Where Do Strays Dogs Come From?
While many may come from simple neglect, most strays come from unwanted pet pregnancies.  Instead of allowing your dog to contribute to this problem, it is mandatory that your pet be spayed or neutered unless additional fees/permits are paid annually.  Don't allow your dog to be part of the problem!

Where Do Strays Dogs Go?
Dogs that are rounded up by Dallas Animal Control are eventually destroyed.  Do you want this on your conscience?  You can prevent your dog's puppies from being needlessly killed simply by getting them fixed now.

It's the Law
Did you know that in order to have a pet that is capable of breeding, you must obtain a special permit and pay additional registration fees every year?  The cost over just 5 years is over $465.  Additionally, the penalties for non-compliance are $150 to $450 plus the cost of coming into compliance.  If your pet is fixed, however, all these fees can be avoided.

Dangerous Dogs
If you have a dog that is classified as a "dangerous dog", the City requires an additional $50 annual permit along with maintaining $100,000 of insurance coverage.  Violations of this requirement incurs penalties from $100 to $300 per incident plus any cost to reimburse the City for expenses they have incurred in the process of protecting public safety resulting from your dangerous dog.

Fixing Your Pet is Simple, Easy and Cheap
A special non-profit service is available to Parkdale residents that provides the minimally required animal health services for only $20.  
This service is only 20 miles from Parkdale and is provided by Kaufman County Animal Awareness Project (KCAAP).

Directions to KCAAP Clinic
The service is located at 102 E Trunk St, Crandall, TX 75114.  Visit or call (972) 472-3500 for more information and to make an appointment.  Then follow these directions to get to the clinic:

1.  Head south on Lawnview Ave toward Scyene Rd
2. Turn right onto Scyene Rd
3. Turn left onto Hatcher St
4. Turn left onto S 2nd Ave
5. Continue onto Hawn Frwy Service Rd S 
6. Take the ramp onto US-175 E  (about 18 mins or 17.7 mi)
7. Exit toward Crandall/Farm to Market Rd 148 
8. Turn right onto E Trunk St (destination on left)

Map to KCAAP

Details on City Codes

Kaufman County Animal Awareness Project offers 
low-cost spay/neuter surgery
Dallas - The Kaufman County Animal Awareness Project (KCAAP) is offering $10 cat and $20 dog surgery packages, which include spay or neuter, pain medication and Rabies vaccination.
The goal of the program is to reduce the City of Dallas shelter intake, increase awareness of the new spay/neuter ordinance in Dallas and get more dogs and cats registered with the City of Dallas . If the owners cannot afford this co-pay, they may call the clinic to discuss further help.
Surgery is done at our new state-of the art clinic, located at 102 E. Trunk St. in Crandall Texas , 23 miles from downtown Dallas and only 10 miles from east Dallas . We also offer transportation from several places in Dallas . Funding does not allow the program to be used for rescue groups, animals up for adoption, those adopted from shelters or rescue or those used in breeding programs
KCAAP) is a non-profit charity organization funded through donations to help you care for your pets. We are staffed by licensed Veterinarians and dedicated to stopping pet overpopulation
through spay and neuter programs.
For more information visit or call (972) 472-3500.