Website Content Areas

Website Audience

  • Prospective residents
  • Real estate agents
  • Sponsors
  • Partner organizations (Groundworks, DPD, DART, etc.)
  • Media
  • Current residents (primary focus of website is directed to outside entities; current residents will typically be engaged via email, blogs and Facebook; public reference materials such as calendars will reside on website)
Concerns to be Covered by Website
  • Informational (bulky trash cal, news)
  • Subscribing to email, newsletters
  • Marketing of neighborhood; history; pictures of homes and events
  • Social networking (via integration with Facebook, posting of current events, etc.)
  • Projects overview (311, VIP, beautification, etc)
  • Fundraising (one-time, on-going)
  • Soliciting volunteers

Phase I Menu Structure

Blog-style newsfeed (front page)
About: neighborhood description, mission
Location: boundaries, close to downtown, map
Join, Subscribe, Donate, Volunteer  (
Calendar of Events, trash, meetings, etc
Local Amenities: Parks, libraries, golf courses, arboretum, White Rock Lake, Trinity Trails, DART station, museums, IMAX, Music Center (Formerly Smirnoff), Shakespeare Dallas (Samuell Grand Amphitheatre), Deep Ellum, Baylor Hospital, Downtown Dallas, Fair Park, ... 

Events (list new events via tag-sourced blog stream; show pics from past events; link to photostream using facebook?)
History and Architecture, Landmarks
Contact Us (form, choose topic from dropdown list and some note)
Facebook, Twitter badges
Neighborhood Projects (code, crime, beautification, social, etc.)

T-Shirt, Cap Purchases (
Trash & Recycling Info (what can be recycled?)

Yard of the Month (pic plus bio)
Newsletters (archives)

Phase II+ Menu Structure

Places to Go (what's available in and around the neighborhood; shopping, restaurants, entertainment, more in-depth than local amenities)
Crime Watch
Homes (tour pics)
Local Businesses Directory
Property Listings (rentals; for sale)
Area Maps and Directions
Schools (public and private)
Board Membership / Committees
By-Laws, Articles of Incorp, non-profit status letter
Meeting minutes / agenda (board and neighborhood)

Model Neighborhood Websites

Links to good example websites to borrow ideas from:
  • - Rodney Likes - "I like the feel of the first page, especially the information and mix of color in their ads for LNA. I also like the weather on there too."
  • - Swiss Avenue
  • - Rodney Likes - "I like the way they have their homepage has color, I just wish that the page was a full screen. I like the way they have their links page set up, the newsletter page and their contact us page."
  • - Think it’s the colors of this site that make it boring.  Did like the Pet tab.
  • - I was actually surprised at how basic and blah the Swiss Avenue website is.
  • - I like how a pic is the first thing you see and grabs you right away.  I like their membership sitemap.
  • - I like how simple this is and easily organized.  They don’t have an overwhelming amount of information on the home page but it’s easy to navigate.  Also like the site map to show the area, very clear what streets are included and boundaries.
  • - Like how it’s easy to find upcoming events and easy to find recent newsletter.
  • - Cool idea to include the weather on the website.
  • - Don’t really like the color or layout.  But like that it has a discussion blog and the home values listed.
  • - Dues includes the Non-profit corporation info for taxes.
  • - Cool intro, even when you skip the intro it automatically takes you to home page where you can take virtual tour and has city links.  Had a neat New Resident Form – would be great to put flyer on new residents that move into the neighbor, to access the website.  Also had a Committee tab to link to the different specific committees that Kessler Park does every year.
  • - Like that the link to see photos are up front and center.  Makes people want to check the site to see if there are any pics of family/friends.  There’s also a Wildlife tab.  It would be cool if we had something similar about different birds/wildlife that have been spotted in the park.  Maybe feature something different each month.
  •   - I like how they have the Yard of the Month is added to the front page with pics and little article about each yard/owner.  The Dinner on the Town was pretty cool too!  Could do something like a Give Back Night to raise money at the same time!
  • - I like the menu bar at the bottom, plus in contacts it actually has the personal email address to each person on the board.

Ideas for what we should include/change on PLAN website:

  • Make the logo bigger across the top.
  • Change the white “Parkdale/Lawnview…” at the top, too hard to read.
  • I like the About Parkdale but think we need include more fun stuff about the neighborhood instead of listing the boundaries.
  • Boundaries should be included in the actual site map tab and tab should not be a link where it takes you to 10 other links.
  • Calendar – make smaller and move to left column.  It’s way too big for home page.
  • Replace calendar with pic and link to view additional pics.
  • Like having the Home Gallery but think it should be moved over to Properties for Sale - change this tab to Homes in Parkdale and include Home Gallery, Properties for Sale and current property values.
  • In the place of Properties for Sale - change to Yard of the Month with picture and small article.
  • Add Events information specific to the neighborhood and Around Town to include stuff going on in Dallas that is close, even if it may not be Parkdale sponsored.
  • Include Weather or countdown to holiday/event counter (something fun for kids/reminder for parents).
  • Liked the Wildlife Tab that I mentioned above, think that would be cool for parents/kids to look at monthly.
  • Include current events tab that specifically effect our neighborhood (include articles, dates i.e. voting and locations).
  • There should be a link to the Parkdale Facebook page.
  • There should be a tab that has businesses, schools, etc. neighboring our neighborhood.
  • Keep the Local Resources maybe rename to Links or something similar - update with all the stuff the city offers (i.e. grease recycle, new iwatch police thing).
  • Post recent newsletters (hopefully we will be doing this again in the future) or join our email list to send electronic copy of the newsletter to everyone on the list.
  • Add an actual contacts list with email to reach each person on the board.
  • Like the Dinner on the Town idea (mentioned above) but maybe we should start off doing quarterly.
  • Add a discussion blog or forum – think it’s a cool idea but would need someone to actively keep up with the posts.
  • Think we need a Dues (take Monthly Sustainer off Home page) and Volunteer tab.  Include similar information about donations/monthly dues and explain what the $ is used for.  Also include Volunteer Opportunities to for upcoming events.
  • Need Crime Watch tab – include crime statistics/police reports and VIP information (schedule).  Also, post the little sheet that you were telling me about (from the Crime Watch meeting the Police held).  Also include the iwatch police thing again here.
  • Pet tab – include description of animal and owner information, along with free local vaccinations information.
  • Need Meetings & Minutes tab – include Monthly meeting date/time/place, agenda for meeting and meeting minutes to access (for those who missed the meeting).  Maybe include another link with the Bylaws. 
  • Later down the road a Sponsors tab, but we need sponsors first.
  • Service referral listing (like Angie's List) for local neighborhood services; members-only info for dues-paying members

Design Ideas for Website

Website Tools

Grid system for designing the website:

CMS Options ($9 - $17 / mo; custom HTML template, CSS, JS, revision history, developer API, multilingual support) ($10 / mo; custom HTML template, CSS, JS) ($5? / mo; custom HTML template, CSS, JS support)